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Download VNC Viewer Software for Windows, Mac and Linux

Aria Jackson

VNC (Virtual Network Computing) software such as VNC Viewer application allows remote control of a computer from another computer or a touch screen device. Software is a VNC application for Android and iOS devices. You can use VNC Viewer download Windows 10 to access your computer remotely and work with it from comfort of your own smartphone or tablet.


Interface of application is simple and straightforward. Software has two main windows. First window contains list of all VNC servers that you can connect to. Second window is for connection to an individual server. User can browse list of servers by name, IP address, or shared folder. User can filter list of servers by choosing an access type (full access, view only, or read only), connection type (remote control, live screen, file transfer), or port number. User can search for servers by name. Interface of download VNC Viewer Windows 10 is very simple and straightforward, there are two parts of it. One is on left with remote computer's desktop and other on right with your local computer's desktop. Application is simple and easy to use, it has a clean and functional interface. Initial window is main interface, it displays computer that application is connected to. Interface is organized and easy to use. Along top of screen is a toolbar with three tabs: Virtual Keyboard, Viewer, Connections. Virtual Keyboard tab is for entering text, such as a password. Viewer tab displays desktop of computer, Connections tab is for establishing a VNC connection. Product has a clean and functional interface. Interface of VNC Viewer Mac is simple and intuitive. You can easily locate buttons and settings you need. It has a built-in chat window with an instant messaging feature which can be really useful in case you need to communicate with someone on remote PC.


Usability of VNC Viewer Linux is quite straightforward. It allows user to do common tasks like connecting to a remote computer, disconnecting, saving connection, so on. Interface very user-friendly, includes some helpful tip for some of more common actions. Functionality of VNC Viewer is very intuitive, but it can be difficult to use if you are not tech-savvy. It is easy to use mouse and keyboard on your local computer to control remote computer's desktop.


Functionality of VNC Viewer Ubuntu is quite decent. It allows user doing common tasks like connecti to remote computer, disconnecting, save connection, so on. Interface is very user-friendly and includes some helpful tips for some of more common actions. Windows VNC Viewer is a free app that allows you to control your home or office computer remotely. You can view the desktop on your computer and control it with your mouse and keyboard. Remote computer is presented as a window on desktop of computer. You can enlarge or shrink remote window so that it takes up a smaller or larger part of screen. It can be used to control other machines remotely, where it can be used to do anything that machines can do. It is possible to access files on server, which is very useful for those who needs to use several machines at once.


Сompany’s website provides a FAQ section that has lots of useful information on how to use application. It is possible to email company with questions, but it is unclear if they will respond. VNC Viewer install is available for Windows, MacOS, Linux. There is a paid version of soft for iOS devices.


  • How do I use free VNC Viewer App to connect to my Mac or Windows PC?
    Tap on "+" in the top left corner of the main screen and then tap on "Access PC" to launch soft and enter the VNC Server ID and password.
  • Software doesn't work on my device
    Depending on your device, product may not work. If you are having this issue please contact our support team.
  • I have a one-time password. What should I do?
    Please use "Forgot Password" option on login screen.



Overall, download VNC Viewer free is a good app for remote desktop control. Application is recommended for those who want to share their desktop with others.


  • It is a free app
  • It has a lot of features
  • There is a 3D Touch support.
  • It is available for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac


  • Software is very slow when it comes to its performance
  • A lot of features are not supported

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